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The Cricro puzzles.

CriCro Puzzles are flat-to-box puzzles in foam for the Toys, Premium, Gift and Souvenir markets. This are fascinating puzzles for the real Puzzle Lovers and addicts. Many missions and solutions of the six toy models are shown on this website.

A Cricro® puzzle is a soft foam puzzle with 6 different square pieces and 2 different pentagon pieces in a single plate. You can see on the photo above that you can build (A) a CUBE-Box with the 6 square pieces, (B) you can make the HYPERBOX by correctly fitting together 5 square pieces with 2 pentagon pieces, and (C) you can make the FLAT 2D- puzzle by putting all 8 puzzle pieces back in the frame in the correct order.

The Cricro Puzzles are very fine, colorful EVA-foam puzzles with a lot of possibilities. These velvet touchy puzzles are in fact 3-in-1 puzzles.
The CRICRO SET has 6 different Toy Cricro®-puzzles, each with different color, pattern and another level of difficulty. But since the cubes and hyperboxes also have another level of difficulty, there are 12 levels.

The complete CRICRO 6-Pack contains all six of these amazing CRICRO puzzles.
These 6 Cricro's can combine to large puzzle structures like the Eiffel Tower, Anchor, U.F.O., ... etc. What different other shapes can you make? Check here!

These soft Cricro Foam Puzzles have great educational and intellectual value. Cricro's nuzzle the human brain and human mind in many ways ( visual, tactile, intellectual, logic, coordination, self-esteem, hand-eye cooridination, ... ) and are fun!

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