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dodecahedron puzzle in eva foam

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Planet Premium s.l. (Spain) is a very dynamic manufacturer of high quality EVA foam products with original concepts and designs. We perform also custom made products.

Some of our products:

EVA puzzle
advertizing puzzles with logo
Puzzles make a CUBE and a PENTAGON box
The 6-pack of the 6 TOY puzzles
Promo Cricro puzzles in several sizes
Snuzzle cube puzzle
puzzle in foam
foam puzzle making cubes
Snuzzle Puzzles make only a CUBE
Puzzles pieces and frame printed
Snuzzle Puzzles can combine cuboïde.
cube puzzle
pyramide puzzle
panico puzzle in EVA
Cubo Puzzles with more "segments".
Cheops Puzzles make two type of pyramides and squares a CUBE
PANICO Puzzles make a CUBE connected with internal connectors
beachand table game in EVA foam
football stadionin foam
premium for food containers
TOPSTARS throwing game.
Puzzle to mount a Sport stadion.
Catapulting DANUFOX presicion game.
EVA promotional item for coca-cola bottles and cans
keychains in eva foam
eva foameva foam
Catapulting UFOX precision game.
Various types of Keychains.
We have of course much more items and make also customized promotional items after your design, after your budget, i.e. we have even 'active' promotional items for less than 0.02 Euro.
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