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Educational PlatoFaces.

The main TARGET Keywords: Observation - Hand-Eye-Coordination - Strategy - Concentration - Tactile

The PlatoFaces have high educational value because they combine in an unique way the 'UNDERSTANDING' of the general concept of the targeted solid with the 'DOING'. The 'DOING' means that the pupil will (1) observe visually the differences between the appropriate faces ("Can they interconnect?" A binair question),
(2) use hand-eye-coordination to manipulate the faces,
(3)anticipate logical on up-coming interlocking problems (strategy) in ..(4) full concentration (motivation because the task is feasible and teasing)
(5) with tactile satisfaction (soft gentle foam reflecting own temperature).

 PlanetPremium, manufacturer of foam puzzles, offers also the educational 'PlatoFaces'.

PlatoFaces are various interlocking faces for regular three dimensional spaces in the tetrahedron - cube - octahedron symmetry family.

As the aim is educational, the target is primary to make the solids, not to solve a puzzle.

The faces are puzzle-like pieces with interlocking segments.

A number identical faces appear in each solid, each face type with a unique color.
In the making of a solid with PlatoFaces, a puzzle aspect will automatically appear since regular solids can not be made with only identical 'interlocking' faces.

In traditional plastic 'clicking' systems all faces can or will be identical since the connection-technic is quite simple.
The puzzle aspect of the 'PlatoFaces' is in fact an advantage because it gives a versatile educational tool.

In function of the intellectual level of the class the teacher can choose a more or less puzzle level of the faces.
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