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Educational PlatoFaces - Making a DODECAHEDRON.

The pentagon puzzle pieces can form of course a dodecahedron. We designed very complex 'real' puzzles like in the CriCro Puzzles with 12 differtly shaped pieces or in the promotional dodecahedron, but in the Educational PLATOFACES package we have several degrees of difficulty.

The difficulty depends of the number of
identical pentagon shapes we use. A very easy Dodecahedron will be composed of ten identical pentagons and two identical pentagons. The more complex will have more variations.

 Easy Dodecahedron
 Next Level Dodecahedron
Next Level Dodecahedron
They all make this 'mystic' shape.
The composition of the PlatoFaces Package can be custom-made (kind of pieces, colors of foam, dimension, bulk or individually packed, instructions, etc.). This way the package will fit into your specific educational program.

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