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Welcome to the Cricro website.
This is a website about various foam puzzles, but our most performant puzzle is for sure the Cricro Puzzle. (how to pronouces?)? Cricro comes from the CRISS CROSS of colors.

The Cricro Puzzles are very fine, colorful EVA-foam puzzles with a lot of possibilities. These velvet touchy puzzles are in fact 3-in-1 puzzles.

 All pieces must go back into the frame. Don't under-estimate this mission.

 With the 6 square pieces you will mount a cube box. Each color has another difficulty !

Here we fit 5 square pieces with 2 pentagon pieces ... but ... one square piece is not used ! Which one ?

The CRICRO SET has 6 different Toy Cricro®-puzzles, each with different color, pattern and another level of difficulty.

But since you can make with each puzzle two different shapes (a cube and an hyperbox) you have also another level of difficulty, thus there are 12 levels.

The small faces show you the degree of difficulty. Check the face on the green square and pentagon piece: The green puzzle will give an easy cube but a difficult hyperbox.
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