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The Cricro Puzzles.

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The Cricro puzzles are transcendenting puzzles because with age the understanding of the more complex levels happens and the Cricro's add an extra layer to the knowledge of the 3D-thinking. A child of three years will only see the flat connection of the blocks. Suddenly it will see that the pieces fit inside the frame. Between 3 and 4 they remark the possibility to make corners ... a little bite later they try to make a cube ... a box.

The Cricro Puzzles are invented by Dirk Laureyssens (who is also inventor of the Coco-Crash /Happy Cube puzzles).

The concept of the Cricro puzzles is triple: a flat puzzle, a cube puzzle and a Penta-box puzzle.

But there are also many different models of Cricro's. So every puzzle will have another cube-solution, and another flat solution and another pentagon solution.
For the Toy Puzzles there are six different puzzles, each cutted with another shapes. Each has another color.
The Cricro puzzles can be combined in an incredible way. When you have only two puzzles you can inter-combine them in ten different basic shapes. When you have the full set of six toy puzzles you will be able to make large structures. With more Toy Cricro's or if you received for free other models from the promotional Cricro's you can make even much bigger structures.
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