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Welcome to the PlanetPremium website.

On this website you will find a number of exclusive products made in EVA foam. For more than 20 years we are involved with the manufacturing of EVA-foam and the transformation in specific products. In Europe we have a number of reputable partners but worldwide we still welcome new distributing partners.

This website is in first place made towards promotional and advertising Agencies and Partners, but other visitors will have also the possibility to purchase here direct our 'Toy versions' of our wonderful products. Customized products made for a client may however not be bought.

Our product range covers a lot of area's such as: educational puzzles with strong concepts, fun 'action' items focusing on tactile and intellectual skills, simple 'useful' promotional items for the general public and finally also on 'custom-made' items.

You will find in us a very flexible partner with an high volume capacity, high quality products, correct deliveries and ... with a lot of creativity. When you need new fresh ideas ... you will find it here. ;-)

We are well aware that our promotional and advertising partners need 'new products'. Therefore we work with a number of Spanish designers and worldwide based top-designers to find new entries which will satisfy your clients and the large public. By using excellent and bright colored EVA-foams with a splendid 'velvet' touch in combination with strong concept we will ... DELIVER ... what you need ... strong and affordable products ...delivered yesterday.

We start now also with our new CRICRO Campaigns in Spain and Holland, based on a very interesting 6-Pack with six Cricro puzzles (6 Toys versions). This is the presentation:
Some of our newest PREMIUM products:

TopStar, an active premium in several sizes. Idea: mount with the X and Y piece a special star. Throw with the circles around one of the arms. Points or message are printed on arms. Danufox, an active premium around any bottle or food cilindre, and even pen. Target is to catapult small foam pieces in or on a goal or area, such as a cleaned food container.
Ufox is a larger extension of the Danufox. Here are more catapulting zones for more players. In different sizes and shapes. Interesting also as game in Pubs. ? What next ? We are working constantly on new original concepts. All are items are well protected by copyrights or patent application.
... on this website:

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