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The NEW PlanetPremium PREMIUMS Spring 2003.


Ufox is a brandnew fun competition game that fits on drink-cans, bottles and other rounded shapes. Also shapes are available for squared and rectangled packaging systems (cfr. Tetrabrics). There are several catapulting zones for more players.

Each player receives a number of identical pieces which must be catapulted inside an empty can, one or more caps, the cup-shape bottom of a can or another target. The small 'foam shapes' are put on the lancing shapes and these are bend down to catapult the small shapes.
Since the small pieces differ per type from weight and because the catapulting structure is very sensitive a number of amazing and funny situations will happen.

Interesting as a competition game in Schools, Vacation and in the Pubs.
Ufox Premium 2 (next)

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