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The Cricro Puzzles.

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This is the new TOY-6-PACK packaging (2003).
This 6-Pack is a very easy to understand packaging in clear design. The packaging has an "Internet-effect out-look" because the Cricro-website has more than 30 solutions of possible combinations. This package contains 6 puzzles and has the form of a nice suitcase with a color-full EVA handgrip. In the shops this handgrip can be used on all shop-presentations systems (instead of traditional blister-hole). This handgrip reinforces visual recognition and the unique market-position of the product. Our new brand is "Prof. Flexo' (see at your right).

The Cricro puzzles are invented by Dirk Laureyssens (who is also inventor of the Coco-Crash /Happy Cube puzzles).

Dirk Laureyssens explains: the Cricro's are better puzzles than my Coco-Crash / Happy Cubes because the Cricro's offer more possibilities and combinations, and introduces pentagones (in this version) and hexagones (in later versions). Cricro's puzzles give more missions to the 3D-spacial thinking and give more freedom to individual creativity. If people just want to make cubes they can, but I am sure they also will want to know if they can make also the Hyperboxes. Also it is also important that buyers receive VALUE for their MONEY. PlanetPremium (Prof. Flexo) has respect for the customers. In fact the Cricro 6-Pack gives 18 puzzles, 6 flat puzzles, 6 cube puzzles and 6 Hyperbox puzzles.

We start now with a Cricro campaign in Spain (distribution: PlanetPremium) and in Holland (distribution Twisk Beverwijk: contact direct for Holland:

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