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The NEW PlanetPremium PREMIUMS Spring 2003.


TopStars are active premiums in several sizes for Table, Bath, Swimming-pool and Beach. Idea: mount with the X and Y piece a special star. Throw with the circles around one of the arms and earn points or do the mission printed on the arm(s). The star can fall in many different positions. So the game stays attractive for a long time. Points, missions or messages are printed on the arms, and the rules are very simple.
The Topstar plate has a X piece and an Y piece and several circles or special shapes. There is plenty of space to print logo's and messages. There are two standard sizes, but special custom-made are possible too. The arms can have also 'product' shapes. For POS and public demonstrations 'Jumbo' TOPSTARS can be made to introduce the game to the public.
Here you see the two standard sizes. The smaller plate is 135 x 120 x 4 mm, the larger model: 180 x 160 x 4 mm.
Topstars 2
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