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The inventor of most of the foam products you find on this website.

Dirk Laureyssens:

Activities: involved with several inventions and writing patents for own companies or on demand for third parties.Owner of ± 150 patents in various fields s.a. toys, premium, electronics, household products, industrial products, ... . Owner of many US-Copyrights. Involved with video-compression, interested in many fields, such as cosmology.

PUZZLES: Happy Cube 3D-Puzzles ( the first squishy 3D-Puzzle + 2D-puzzle made of foam), Snuzzles, Cricro's and other educational puzzles.

With Happy Cubes a participant in the Pavilion of Belgium on the World Exposition in Sevilla 1992, EXPO'92, with a special showcase (image left). The Happy Cube puzzles became "Toy of the Year" in several countries.

GAMES: New interactive gaming system with changeable dice and game parts ( zapping parts). Several new games and revised world-famous games under US-Copyrights. Step-in concept for new boardgame manufacturing company. Concepts also to be used in online games, games for interactive digital television and wire-less devices.

Till recently the Happy Cubes (® of Happy n.v.) were exclusively licensed to the Belgian company Happy n.v.. This license has fully stopped. Happy n.v. has no longer the right to manufacture nor sell these puzzles, neither sell other puzzles created by Dirk Laureyssens. All inquiries related to these puzzles and possible exclusive distribution licenses can be send directly to Dirk Laureyssens. In the future these puzzles will carry another brandname.
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