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The Panico puzzles make also cubes by with internal connecting pieces. We have two size, a large type with 6 'teeth' positions (called Boss Panico), and a smaller type with only 5 'teeth'-positions (called Junior Panico). Since the larger type has more internal space it is possible to have more difficult or complex internal connection pieces. The Junior Panico with less inner space. As you can see the Panico's are really different from the Cricro's, Snuzzles .... since connections are not made at the outerside but by internal pieces. Internal connectors can be fixed into the outer surface of the cube but that can be an illusion too .... We designed also Panico's which are a mix between our traditional puzzles with outer teeths and internal connectors. The irregular outer frame-shape gives the Panico's a good optical recognition. Below is an image of the Panico Boss puzzle.

This is a Panico JUNIOR, the red model is called 'the Dracula'.

You can see the internal connectors at the left below, on the right are the cube pieces with their holes.
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