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There are two types of plates: (1) with 10 triangles, (2) with 8 triangles (the purple puzzle plate shown above).

Two plates give you the twenty faces to make the educational Icosahedron. Notice that the plate has 4 basic forms, each type is colored different in the above picture.

PYRAMIDOOZ 24 (24 triangles/3 plates)

The three plates have each 8 triangles. Each with different color, pattern and level of difficulty.

Each of these puzzles lets you make:
An Octahedron, one or two Tetrahedrons, and a double Tetrahedron.
20 of the 24 pieces let you make also an Icosahedron.
These triangles can also be combined with CriCro Puzzles and Snuzzle puzzles.

PYRAMIDOOZ 20 (20 triangles/ 2 plates)
Making this shape with 2 set plates of ten triangles!

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