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The LOGOBOX puzzle.

The Logibox puzzles are different from the other puzzles since they have 'teeths' with various dimensions.
These puzzles are made with different teeth sizes. Dimensions of a tooth/segment can be different from the thickness of the foam like we do with the pyramide puzzles. In this case the LogiBox puzzles will or can have teeth of different dimensions with irregular opposite positioning.

This opens new puzzles types, different from our Happy Cubes and Cricro Puzzles.The puzzler will be confused in a new way. For example the upper side in above image is a 3 teeth side that will not fitt in another puzzle piece with a double teeth piece like shown below. In case with of the Happy Cube or the Cricro puzzle such fitting will happen. Here not.

In case of for example a foam of 4 mm the teeth can be 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7 mm, .... wide. The only obligation is in such case that the deepth of a tooth must be 4 mm. The pieces will be mounted in a cube or box. The six or more pieces will be punched out in a plate, also functioning as a flat puzzle.

A strang 3D-cube or box VARIATION on above is that we can also differ the deepth but then we will not use anymore the same plate to put all pieces inside but for example one with three puzzle pieces of 4 mm thickness and another with 3 mm thickness. Still a regular box (cube - rectangle - pyra, ...) can be made but with foams pieces of different thickness.

This concept can be used in puzzle pieces will all numbers of teeth per side ( 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8, ...and even more). Triangle, pentagon, hexogon, pieces can also be equiped with this approach.

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