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Flexo's are small EVA-pieces which are bend to insert the top inside the opening in the lower part. On pushing on the curved zone the Flexo will jump over a distance between 20 and 100 cm.

The Flexo's are printed with messages and designs. The outer-shape can be adapted to special forms. The Flexo's are a fantastic simple concept with a lot of flexibility in development, creation and fields of application. Flexo's can be used in traditional Toys and Games, and in all types of promotional actions, on-pack, in-pack, near-pack and give-aways. The prices is very interesting. The tests with young children should real addiction! The Flexo's have a big change to become the new collectible/trading system for 2003 and 2004. The Flexo's are invented by Dirk Laureyssens and are under patent-application BE2003/0006 which international PCT priority. The brand FLEXO'S is applied for International Trademark.

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